Our mission statement

Across Cultures aims to offer a world-renowned service that provides teachers with the skills and resources needed to successfully support their language learners within the demands of the curriculum and a multilingual world.

This includes providing:

  • Quality professional development for teachers with EAL learners
  • EAL blended learning resources for differentiating easily across the curriculum
  • ESOL blended learning resources for supporting pre-literate and low-level literacy adult learners

The Across Cultures team shares a commitment to:

  • Quality
  • Communication 
  • Customer service
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous learning

Through these values, we work together, with individuals and groups, to deliver the best possible outcomes for you and your learners.

How we got started

Caroline Scott, Author and Director at Across Cultures originally began writing an induction to English, funded by the Local Authority of Tower Hamlets in 2002.

This funding was awarded to accommodate for the distinct need for additional support for new-to-English learners in the mainstream. After writing her first draft, Caroline went on to develop this further, eventually providing training for many schools in Tower Hamlets and beyond. After some years, Caroline left Tower Hamlets to start an international School overseas. There, she was able to develop ideas further.Following significant additional research, she wrote her first book, 'Teaching Children as an Additional Language: A Programme for 7-11 year olds.' She later went on to write her second book, 'Teaching English as an Additional Language 5-11, A Whole School Resource', which encompassed many more facets of language learning, including language learning strategies, additional assessment and differentiating further for all levels of language across all curriculum subjects.

The Learning Village, an online English language learning programme for learners in schools (www.learningvillage.net), was a natural evolution of her work. It allows increased flexibility for learners and teachers, as well as providing significantly more content and assessment opportunities. Caroline also delivers a three-day training for senior teachers/leaders on supporting EAL learning across the curriculum (the EAL Framework course) as well as whole-school insets and one-day courses on how to achieve effective EAL teaching through the Learning Village.

Caroline Scott

Director, Author & Trainer

Caroline Scott BA, DipM, NPQH, MA has worked in schools across the world, developing English language skills for young learners. Catering for beginner through to fluent learners in culturally rich, internationally minded learning environments, she has also trained teachers in Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East. Caroline was the founding Head of Primary at CES, a British International School in Cairo, Egypt (3-18 IPC school) and the Primary Principal at the International School of Milan, Italy (3-18 IB PYP school). As the founder of Across Cultures and creator of the Learning Village programme, Caroline also delivers training on EAL in schools in the UK and overseas.

Caroline is the author of 'Teaching Children English as an Additional Language: A programme for 7-11 year olds', 'Teaching English as an Additional Language 5-11: A Whole School Resource' and 'An English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme: Learning through images for 7-14 year olds'.

Breda Matthews

EAL Specialist

Breda Matthews, MA, B.Ed., Dip TESSOL, is responsible for demonstrations and training in the Australasia region, as well as content development. She is a facilitator and teacher of English language learners and has wide experience and expertise in programme design, teaching and assessing English language learners, resource creation and professional development in New Zealand. Breda has designed and delivered face-to-face and online programmes to English language learners. She is the founder of the English Language Resources Centre in New Zealand.

Iva Miteva

EAL Specialist

Iva is an EAL Specialist who has taught EAL to international pupils from different countries and educational backgrounds for over 18 years. In addition to that, she has also led and managed the EAL provision in a number of schools as Head of EAL and EAL Coordinator. Iva has a PG Dip in Educational Leadership and Management and a Master's in Applied Linguistics. Iva is passionate about multilingualism, valuing diversity and the importance of maintaining children's home languages.

Jane Bryan

EAL Specialist

Jane Bryan is an EAL Specialist at Across Cultures, where she is responsible for demonstrations, training and memberships, as well as content development. Prior to joining Across Cultures, Jane held the position of Lead EAL Specialist, teaching across KS1 and KS2. She has over 14 years’ experience in English Language schools for Primary, Secondary and adult learners, both internationally and in the UK, where her roles have ranged from ESL teacher to Director Of Studies and Projects Director.

Martha Giannakaki

EAL Specialist

Martha has extensive experience in teaching EAL pupils in primary and secondary education in the UK. She has also delivered teacher training on EAL teaching strategies and actively contributed to the improvement of EAL provision in schools. Martha holds a Bachelor's degree in English Language & Literature and a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics, and she has conducted research on foreign language didactics and English Language curriculum design in the past. She has also been an English Language Teacher for the past 17 years. Her areas of interest include language and identity, the bilingual brain and psychology behind multilingualism.

Miranda Howell

EAL Specialist

Miranda, MEd BA Hons Trinity Dip TESOL, Mindlab, is responsible for demonstrations and training in the Australasia region, as well as content development. She is an EAL specialist who has taught in primary, secondary and tertiary organisations in the UK, New Zealand, Malaysia and Oman. Miranda has worked as an academic leader and as a teacher professional development coach. She also has experience across a range of international curricula, including NZCEL, NCEA, PYP, IMYC and Cambridge. Her specific area of interest is blended learning to meet individual student needs in a relevant context.

Eli Briasco

EAL Specialist

Eli is involved in content development, training and demonstrations for schools in the Australasia region. He is a registered secondary teacher with over 15 years' experience teaching English in Japan, Australia, Brunei and New Zealand. He has also worked with educators as a literacy coach and an education project manager. He has a keen interest in extensive reading and producing graded reading material. Eli has a Master of Applied Linguistics and a Cambridge Delta, and lives in Nelson, New Zealand.

Jessica Gosling

EAL Specialist for Early Years

Jess has taught in five different countries in varied EAL roles, including as a classroom teacher, Head of Year and Director of her own Early Years business. She currently works in a Reception class in an international school in Taipei. Jess writes regularly for the Times Educational Supplement (TES) about her teaching practice and EAL in general. A highly passionate educator, she studied a Masters in Childhood Studies and Early Years.

Mary Langford

EAL Specialist (Mother tongue & International Education)

Mary has over 40 years' experience in international school life, including as a teacher, Principal and Director. She served as Deputy Executive Director of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), instructing in and addressing language issues, mobility and transition. Across the sector, she has worked in governance, admissions, alumni relations, examinations, and public relations and communications.

Mary was involved in the founding of the new Halcyon London International School in 2012 - the first not-for-profit international IB World School (MYP and DP) in central London - and managed its mother tongue language programme for the next two years as an independent consultant. She has worked as a consultant advising international families seeking school placements and as a Visiting Lecturer at University College Zealand, Denmark, advising on international teaching practice and placements. Mary has served on 17 multi-agency international school accreditation visiting teams and her work has taken her to over 90 international schools worldwide. With colleagues, she developed the International Language and Literature Teachers' Cooperative, providing mother tongue language support to IB students.

Her articles, authored works and peer book review have been published globally. She has spoken extensively before school staff, leaders and boards, parent associations, international schools associations and private-sector interests, and has been interviewed for numerous blogs, podcasts, articles and programmes.

Mary has a BA in Spanish/Portuguese and Latin American Humanities and an MA in International Education; she is currently undertaking doctoral studies in International Education at the University of Bath.

Louise Kearns

EAL Specialist

Louise Kearns is an EAL specialist based in the Netherlands; she has worked extensively in EAL. Louise has a wealth of experience in presenting EAL training, coupled with a passion for helping schools transform their EAL approaches. Louise has worked closely with Across Cultures to develop a whole-school EAL policy and EAL handbook, which includes the implementation of the Learning Village.

Simon Lobo-Morell

Developer, CDU Digital

Simon joined the Across Cultures team to work collaboratively in developing our online EAL learning environment, the Learning Village. Simon has over 20 years' experience as a programmer and has a keen interest in languages, having also taught English as a Foreign Language. Simon runs CDU Digital, a website development and digital marketing business.

Katharine North

Senior Communications Executive

Katharine holds a BA Hons degree from Plymouth University with nine years' experience of brand management in FMCG companies. After having children, she pursued her love of music and successfully built and grew her own music tuition business, teaching both instrumental lessons and curriculum music in schools. Katharine is now combining her 12 years worth of experience of teaching music in both primary and secondary, with her love of education and experience of research and communications. When not working, she loves spending time playing music as a member of the local wind band that she co-founded, and enjoying the outdoors and having adventures with her family.

Beverley Roby


Beverley is often the first person you'll speak to if you register on the Learning Village. She'll help with all your initial questions and set you up with your EAL Specialist, who can provide you with initial training and ongoing support. Beverley lives near Manchester and is the proud mother of Jasmine.

Heidi Brunner

Content Development Lead

Heidi is responsible for the planning and managing of content development processes, as well as the creation of resources, virtual lessons and videos. Heidi is a primary school teacher and speaks three languages fluently. She currently studies towards her trilingual Master's degree in Primary Education and spends most of her free time reading and playing with her dog, Pixie, and her two cats, Haku and Miso.

Alex Turner


Alex is responsible for administrative support at the Learning Village, as well as creating content such as images, audio and resources. She also builds and schedules newsletters and email marketing for Across Cultures and the Learning Village. Alex studied Illustration at Falmouth University, and brings the creativity and technical skills she learnt working as a freelance illustrator to her role. Alex lives in Wiltshire and in her free time can be found exploring new places with her young daughter.

Kelly Morrell

Administrator (Australasia region)

Kelly manages new and existing memberships of the Australasia region. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Kelly has a varied background in travel, tertiary & retail industries. Her happy place is spending time with her young family or pottering in the garden.

Karen Wilson

SEND Specialist

Karen develops support for SEND and learners with EAL and SEND within Across Cultures and the Learning Village. As an experienced SENDCO, SEND Lead Worker, Deputy Manager and Class Teacher, Karen has a wealth of experience to share on the subject of SEND. In addition to her work in SEND, Karen also works part time in the Finance department. In her spare time, Karen can usually be found on the sideline supporting her son's and daughter's many sporting activities.

Sara Marchetto

Illustrator (Learning Village)

Sara does an incredible job of bringing the Learning Village to life! Sara lives in a beautiful, small village in the Italian Alps and loves walking in the mountains and practising yoga. She started her illustration career by creating an adventurous comic series about her and her primary school classmates in her first days of school. She started to publish in 2006 and, since then, she's been creating illustrations for textbooks, educational projects and fiction books, collaborating with publishers and public and private clients in Italy and worldwide. www.blog.saramarchetto.com, [email protected]