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3rd March 2021

Do you want to keep your EAL learners engaged while learning remotely?

Lockdown engagement: In January, we commenced another lockdown in the UK and put our recovery curriculum on hold. The question on most of our minds was […]
17th March 2021

EdTech: the Emergency Service for Education in 2020!

It’s now almost exactly a year since the UK education system went into lockdown. The ruling that schools must close to almost all pupils was a […]
26th April 2021

Cloze procedures – Do your EAL pupils need ‘closure’?

What is a cloze procedure? Cloze procedures are tasks where learners fill in the blanks in a text from which entire words have been omitted. Learners […]
17th May 2021

Teaching pronunciation in a whole language-based classroom

As school teachers faced with EAL learners in our classrooms, we often push the teaching of phonics down the list, especially at secondary school level. Yet […]
5th June 2021

Memory strategies for language learners

When learning new languages, a lot of information simply needs to be remembered, and we often have to combine new information with what we already know, […]
10th July 2021

A sense of familiarity in unfamiliar times

In March 2020 International Primary School Almere, along with all other schools here in the Netherlands, went into lockdown for three weeks. Three weeks, we thought? […]
16th August 2021

Talking to other teachers about EAL

You’re the EAL lead in your school – or a teacher with responsibility for EAL. You’re a class teacher who’s been asked to look into EAL […]
26th September 2021

A holistic approach to recovering lost learning

Barry and Matthew Carpenter’s ‘Recovery Curriculum’ has many applications for EAL pupils. Their ‘Recovery Curriculum’ was created during the 2021-21 pandemic, over concerns about how learners […]
27th November 2021

Online safety for EAL learners

Everyone recognizes the importance of staying safe online – but it’s not always straightforward. For many of us, computing – including social media, information technology and […]
23rd January 2022

The voices that don’t get heard: Why a child’s mother tongue matters in the classroom

If Katerina spoke in Russian again in the classroom, the teacher warned her, her name would be put on the board and she would miss out […]
23rd February 2022

Four ways to hook in your EAL learners at the start of a writing lesson

The traditional way to start a lesson with Secondary school learners is with a ‘do now!’ activity. It works. You get a focused start to the […]
27th March 2022

Using language skills for mathematics

Studying mathematics in an English-medium school presents learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL) with a double cognitive whammy as they grapple with learning English […]
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