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2nd November 2017

The importance of the mother tongue in the classroom

In my experience, teachers often have quite strong feelings about the use of a pupil’s L1 (first language) in the classroom – it is either encouraged […]
7th December 2017

Raising (self) awareness of neurodiversity: learning about ourselves in comic form

Dr Anne Margaret Smith Truly inclusive practice extends beyond adapting materials or managing the classroom so that everybody can access the course content. It is about […]
3rd January 2018

What does a picture tell you?

Author: Sarah Jones, EAL Coordinator, Lea Forest Academy “One look is worth a thousand words.” Barnard (1921), Chinese proverb. Images are powerful as they can usually […]
6th March 2018

How do I use 21st Century Skills with EAL Learners?

Author: Gemma Fanning, EAL Specialist The term 21st Century skills is becoming significantly part of the classroom learning environment, but what exactly does that mean? There […]
15th April 2018

My Experience of Bilingual Schools

Author: Anita Bamberger The popularity of bilingual schools is increasing. This can be seen, for example, in the growing number of French schools in London, where […]
19th May 2018

Do you want your EAL learners to become independent and take ownership of their own learning?

Studies have found that learning a skill yourself, and then applying it, not only brings immense personal satisfaction (among other valuable benefits), but also leads to […]
19th June 2018

Marking and Feedback

Author: Gemma Fanning EAL Specialist Teacher Marking and feedback is a crucial part of any teacher’s workload, and is essential for EAL learners. The importance of […]
13th July 2018

What do I need to consider when teaching note-taking skills?

Download resource Author: Emma Mijailovic, EAL Teacher Many researchers agree that note-taking is an important skill, as it facilitates learning from text (Kobayashi 2006, Rahmani and […]
5th September 2018

Working with an EAL Development Plan: Steps to Create Whole-School Change

How can you take your EAL department forward to play a part in a whole-school development strategy? Over the years, I have found that this can […]
3rd October 2018

How do I pilot an edtech learning tool? Piloting the ‘Sentence Analyser’

Author: Sarah Jones, EAL Coordinator How do I pilot a new resource? There is a plethora of things to consider when piloting a new learning resource or […]
27th November 2018

Friendship building for new arrivals

Author: Caroline Scott The National Learning and Work Institute (2018) completed a randomised controlled trial of a Community-Based English Language intervention aimed at people with very […]
12th December 2018

EAL Development at Tudor Primary – A school using the Learning Village

Authors: Caroline Scott, Heather Day, Ragini Patel Three years ago, Heather Day, an EAL consultant, contacted us about piloting the Learning Village in an inner London […]
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