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11th May 2016
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16th June 2016
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Free focus on languages…

The latest edition of the International Schools Magazine is now out with a special focus on language learning. Notable articles on language include:

-Determining the language profile of an international student, Susan Stewart 
-Do we need to change our approach to mother tongue?, Eowyn Crisfield 
-Creating an inspiring environment for language learners, Julian Edwards 
‘The Silent Way’ to language acquisition, Fanny Passeport 
-Expanding the vocabulary of teaching and learning, Bradley A Ermeling and Genevieve Graff-Ermeling 
-How you can support students’ mother tongue development, Caroline Scott 
-Is your school ready for a mother tongue programme?, Mattie Jackson 
-Like, get over it, Nicholas Alchin 
-Mother tongue support within the IB, Mary Langford 
-Who am I?, Alexa Nijpels 

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