Across Cultures – Support for school groups

At Across Cultures we work with school groups – including local authorities, national ministries and multi-academy trusts – to centralise support for EAL new arrivals across their schools.

Across Cultures support can take many forms, depending on your requirements. Broadly, it includes the provision of a series of remote training sessions, with access to blended learning resources (, delivered to EAL support staff and those responsible for access to the curriculum. Our programme of learning supports learners in accessing the curriculum; it encompasses survival language, phonics, high frequency words and curriculum language.

Our training empowers staff to deliver first-class support to learners of any language background (including pre-literate learners). As part of the programme, we provide results tracking and ongoing access to our EAL blended learning resources. There are regular check-ins with schools to ensure that they feel confident in delivering the programme successfully as well as assessment of learners included in the support.

For more information, please get in touch at or call on 0118 335 0035.

Portrait Of Smiling High School Student Group With Female Teacher Standing Outside School Buildings