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Save time with ready-made resources for new EAL learners. Track progress and customise lessons to suit your curriculum.

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What is the Learning Village?

The Learning Village provides targeted online and offline EAL learning and resources for 6-18-year-old learners in English-medium schools.

It focuses on three strands of learning. The Survival Language learning journey provides day-to-day vocabulary and language structures to help learners start conversing with friends and talking to teachers (beginner to intermediate-level English). The Curriculum Content learning journey supports the learning of academic language aligned to your school's curriculum. The Phonics learning journey covers the study of letters, sounds and high frequency words.

  • Saves you time with ready-made, customised resources
  • Increases your capacity to support more learners
  • Boosts your learners' progress
  • Builds your learners' capacity to support themselves
  • Enables the rapid learning of English
  • Strengthens home-school bonds
  • Offers superb support for SEN learners
Teacher-managed, online English lessons for 6-18-year-old EAL learners across the curriculum.
Image-based, thus suitable for learners who are not yet literate.
Supporting language learning within the New English National Curriculum, the PYP, the IPC and other curricula.
New-to-English language learning journey - from beginners to intermediate.
Phonics learning journey - where to start and how to progress.
  • Kirsty Williams

    "We are very keen to have access to The Learning Village again and I previously used it with a number of pupils especially those newly arrived to the UK and they found it engaging and motivating. I saw them make excellent progress as it allowed them to access structured learning pathways both at home and in school. I have also used it for whole class teaching. I have attended training sessions on how to use the learning village and I am fully aware of how to access the resources and use it for individual learning and whole class teaching."

    Kirsty Williams
    EAL Coordinator, Castle Newnham School
  • Dorota Raeside

    "Thank you so much for your email and thank you so much for so amazing news. I am very happy to hear about the grant and opportunity which Bedford Borough Council gives to our students and my EAL office. Once again, thank you so much."

    Dorota Raeside
    EAL Teaching Assistant, Bedford Academy
  • Pam Heath

    I heard yesterday from one of the Bedford schools using the Learning Village. One of their staff was at an OFSTED reading/phonics session we were running. They were saying how keen their children were to use the resource, how it really helped as it was very visual and the very positive progress pupils are making as a result of using Learning Village.

    Pam Heath
    Pam Heath Improvement Adviser School Improvement Team, Bedford Borough Council
  • OFSTED Inspection report

    Tudor Primary use the Learning Village to support early, short-term interventions: "Early, short-term interventions for pupils new to learning English draw upon rich resources and strategies which immerse pupils in the language from the time they join the school." OFSTED Inspection report: Tudor Primary School, 6–7 March 2018 (case study to follow)

    OFSTED Inspection report
    Tudor Primary
  • Kasia Talbot

    I have been using the new Plant and Animal Cells lesson with my Science Intervention groups and it’s great. It’s challenging but since we have already done the basic differences between the cells the lesson consolidates the students’ knowledge and works as an extension. Thank You!

    Kasia Talbot
    EAL Coach, Holly Lodge School
  • Tammy Marsh
    I just wanted to say what a great time we are having with the Learning Village! It is such a fabulous resource!
    Tammy Marsh
    EAL Teacher, Amity International School, Abu Dhabi
  • Alistair Harding

    The Learning Village has provided our school with a very practical, individualised learning tool for EAL students, with a clear curriculum, structure and pedagogy. This allows both more and less experienced staff to effectively support students’ language development. There is a wealth of materials and resources available, as well as plenty of support and training to help optimise our use of the tool.

    Alistair Harding
    EAL Coordinator, Holly Lodge High School
  • Jonathan Marquez

    As a school, we are proud to be part of Learning Village and have seen the improvements the students are making in their EAL learning. We would recommend every school to be part of Learning Village as it is an essential tool that offers valuable resources not only for EAL learners but for all.

    Jonathan Marquez
    EAL Teacher, Academia Británica Cuscatleca International School, El Salvador
  • Catherine Brennan

    I'm loving the Learning Village - it is a fantastic resource and I keep finding new things too! My learners are so motivated by it and like the messaging facility.

    Catherine Brennan
    Education Consultant, Better Bilingual
  • Kamil Trzebiatowski

    You're revolutionising my classroom and allowing me to make significant changes / improvements to the lives of these children.

    Kamil Trzebiatowski
    EAL Coordinator, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, Education Blogger
  • Elizabeth Mickiewicz
    I understand the Village a lot more and how to link it to the curriculum.
    Elizabeth Mickiewicz
    EAL Teacher Advisor, Wolverhampton Local Authority
  • Sudha Dogra
    This course will fill a gap in the provision we are able to provide to EAL learners at an early stage of English acquisition.
    Sudha Dogra
    EAL Coordinator, Colton Hills Community School
  • Stacy Allen
    Fantastic resources to support children within the classroom and teacher planning.
    Stacy Allen
    Lead of Nurture, Colton Hills Community School
  • Sam Thorne

    The Learning Village is great. The children absolutely love it and I have to say I’ve been enjoying and learning as I go along. We had a Teaching and Learning Review at our school the other day and I used the Learning Village to demonstrate how we support our EAL pupils. [The consultants] seemed very impressed and actually spoke to the Local Authority Advisor about how well the Learning Village was being used at our school.

    Sam Thorne
    Hylands Primary School
  • Roxbourne Primary

    Our pupils have really benefited from their work on the Learning Village! Well done children, keep up the great work!

    Roxbourne Primary
  • Michelle Wain
    The Learning Village materials are of an excellent quality with clear language progression. The programme works very well as a teaching tool.
    Michelle Wain
    EMA Adviser, London Borough of Havering
  • Vicki Wilson

    I really liked the sentence activities, it really stretched my students and I saw a marked improvement. Overall I love the concept of the Learning Village- making friends highly motivated my  students and they loved exploring the village. The graphics are wonderful.

    Vicki Wilson
    Year 2 EAL teacher and EAL Team Leader, YCIS HK Primary
  • Shirley Rowe

    A student arriving from overseas being 18 years old and having limited oral skills and no reading or writing. He really felt pleased being able to use the Learning Village for self-study,  without feeling conscious in front of the others in the class.

    Shirley Rowe
    Head of Department, ESOL, New Plymouth Boys High, New Zealand
  • Sam Mobbs, Class Teacher

    The Learning Village has proved to be a good intervention programme for our EAL children and SEN. The children are very enthusiastic about using it, and are becoming more independent. We use it as an intervention throughout assembly in the morning and in some afternoons, when some of the learning is irrelevant to them and they would benefit from that more. It is clear that the children are making progress...

    Sam Mobbs, Class Teacher
    Oasis Watermead Academy, UK
  • Laura Haines

    I see the children relaxed and happy when they are on the Learning Village. I can see that they are proud of their progress and feel a sense of achievement which they can share with others. I think that there are a lot of good EAL ‘games’ available but this is a comprehensive programme that can be integrated into any curriculum.

    Laura Haines
    EAL Coordinator, International School of Milan, Italy
  • Ellen Copsey
    A really fantastic resource. We can't wait to start using it with our pupils.
    Ellen Copsey
    Assistant Head Teacher, Willow Bank Primary, UK
  • Keith Shurlock
    It is a delight to see a resource that has grown out of good practice in schools.
    Keith Shurlock
    Principal, Grace International School, Bangladesh
  • Hanneke Blijham

    Thank you so much for this inspiring workshop. I was enthusiastic about it when first trying it but even more so after today!

    Hanneke Blijham
    EAL Teacher, Groningse Schoolvereniging, Netherlands

What are the results?

St John's C of E Primary School, London

EAL Intervention - Extracts from 'Impact of interventions' - Sept 14 to Spring 15 Report

"A Teaching Assistant delivers a programme devised by Caroline Scott (Teaching English as an Additional Langauge 5-11, a programme to support acquisition of English) four times weekly for 30 mins plus the children have access to the online Learning Village at home... Both children have made outstanding progress over the last 2 terms."

Year 5 child - reading APS points on entry

  • Before7 points
  • After17 points
  • From 1c-2a in two terms, making 10 points progress.

Year 4 child - reading APS points on entry

  • Before5 points
  • After17 points
  • From S2-2a in two terms, making 12 points progress.

Wood End Academy, London

Results of two learners using the Learning village alongside Teaching English as an Additional Language 5-11, by Caroline Scott.

Year 5 child - reading age

  • On arrival5 years, 5 months
  • After 3 months9 years, 1 month
  • From 5 years 5 months - 9 years 1 months in a 3 month period, making 3 years 8 months progress.

Year 6 child - reading age

  • On arrival5 years, 5 months
  • After 5 months8 years, 9 months
  • From 5 years 5 months - 8 years 9 months in a 5 month period, making 3 years 4 months progress.

You can find more case studies and testimonials by clicking here.


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