Beck Shih

Principal, Shanghai SMIC Private School

I am very grateful to be able to get a thorough and detailed planning of EAL in the U.K. from the views of both administrators and teachers. Thank you also for generously sharing with me the resources I requested. The efforts you have made in the workshop is very much appreciated and the materials cherished.

Anna Szuma

St Vincent's Academy

It was truly amazing training with all of the answers to my questions. I think in my school I will choose some elements from the training to help my colleagues to understand and support more EAL students efficiently across the school. I will try to bring small changes and establish the good practice I have learnt to my school. Thank you for the very useful and inspiring training.

Caroline Black

Sayes Court Primary School

I can't wait to get started! I think it will drastically overhaul EAL provision at my school, from when pupils start with us to when they leave. I think all staff and children will benefit from the training. Thank you Caroline!

Christie Carson

Epsom College, Malaysia

Improved knowledge of mainstream class planning and how to marry EAL primary with it. Also much better equipped to help language learners develop their writing skills. Got loads of websites, links, books etc. to go away and look at.

Clare Taylor

International School of Aberdeen

Very informative and thorough.

Kimberley Campbell

Cameron International Primary School, Spain

A great course, very useful and entertaining. Thank you!

Veronika Stedronska

The Forest Academy

I realised there is so much more to it and it is a brilliant tool which I will endeavour to use it a lot more.

Kim King, Head of High School

The English International School of Padua, Italy

The training delivered was superb. Our teaching and learning group will take up the challenge now to see what we need to do to take this forward.

Malini Patel

HLTA, Preston Park Primary School

I will be able to identify immediate needs of our school and try to put these in place. Teachers and LSAs will definitely be grateful for the resources and ideas.

Camellia Faiz-Mahdavi

Class Teacher/EAL Working Party, Preston Park Primary School

This training will be effective as I have learnt several strategies for EAL learners. This will hopefully lead to a success rate for those learners who have recently arrived in the country. Finally, I now have a clear outline of what I am going to do once I get back to work with all my action points. Thank you!

Maria Evans

EAL support, St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School

This training has been so important. I now feel confident to return to my school, share ideas and resources. I will begin the base line assessment straight away and meet with SLT to share ideas and plan next steps for out school. Thank you so much

Nicola Hughes

Assistant Headteacher, Filton Avenue Primary School

Lots of ideas to take away!

John Musgrave

Deputy Headteacher, Lawdale Junior School

Brilliant course Caroline! Thankyou

Malini Patel

HLTA, Preston Park Primary School

Management were really impressed with the way the pupil was supported. Thank you for the ideas

Belinda Hobbs

Teacher, European School of Strasbourg, France

We covered all areas discussed before the training today, even in such a short period of time. This was a great training that fostered healthy discussions with my colleagues.

Nancy Hogg

SENCO, Vale View Primary

Combined with all of the resources provided I feel confident that teachers will improve assessment and provision for our EAL pupils. It is good to know that we now have a knowledgeable contact to ask when we have any issues or questions.

Joanna McDonagh

Grade 4 Class Teacher, International School of Hamburg

In the space of 3 days, I learnt a great deal. I would now feel confident to lead an EAL Department and feel I have a strong enough grounding to do this with enough knowledge and skills to be a competent leader of other members of staff.

Sharon Short

Deputy Head of Primary, International School of Milan, Italy

The EAL 'Train the Trainer' course exceeded my expectations and the intervention resource is really good.

Bindu Grover

EAL Coordinator, The British School New Delhi

The EAL 'Train the Trainer' course is highly recommended for EAL and mainstream teachers for Primary and Secondary teachers in international schools. It offered me a range of resources, strategies and plans to meet the language needs of beginner to advanced EAL learners.

Khadijah Mohamudbucus

EAL Leader, Kings' School Nad Al Sheba

The EAL 'Train the Trainer' course offered extremely content rich resources which were under pinned by research and were very thorough. The trainer was outstanding. It has given me a very comprehensive understanding of the EAL learner, the ways school can help and how to become an advocate. All the solutions are in the book.

Paula Bell

Barton Hill Academy, Teacher, SLE Languages

Despite the EAL 'Train the Trainer' course being a very intense and work heavy, it has been brilliant and has equipped me with the language I need to confidently train others in my school and also to implement some of the great practice and resources given on the course.

OFSTED Report, Re: Across Cultures Consultant

Wood End Academy, UK

The consultant who works with pupils who are learning English as an additional language provides effective support and helps those pupils catch up quickly with their peers.

Cinzia Corradini

The English International School of Padua

The school inset was practical, fun and well led - thank you! Lots of teaching ideas!

Jessica Bell

The English International School of Padua, Italy

The school inset brought together aspects of my training which I had not previously considered holistically, really practical!

Emma Booth

Hemdean House School, Reading

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent training you delivered for us today. It was really informative and your knowledge and experience shone through. Everyone felt that it was really helpful and are more confident about moving forward. Thank you again.

Georgie Mosel

Southbank International School, London

Teachers have a greater awareness and knowledge of strategies to differentiate for EAL students.

Neil Crosbie

Deputy Head, Wood End Academy, London

You gave us all that we need in order to provide more focused sessions for language development.... Really well delivered, well timed and we revelled in your enthusiasm.


Alban City School, St Albans

Well done and thank you Caroline. Very well prepared and plenty of different approaches to support how we can further help our EAL children and families. Made us think. Great delivery.

Head of Foundation Stage, CES, Egypt

I would recommend Caroline Scott’s training programme to any school, whether international or UK based; as she is friendly and enthusiastic in her approach and demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the issues and needs of EAL learners.

Sharon Short

Deputy Head or Primary, International School of Milan, Italy

It exceeded my expectations and the intervention resource is really good.

Alexandra Sentcheu

College Du Leman, Geneva, Switzerland

Just wish it could have been longer.

Selena Lynn

EAL Coordinator, Southbank International School

Great active learning throughout! Caroline is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Ideas we already had were reinforced and we came away with a bank of new resources.

Sarah Gibb

EAL Department, International School of Dusseldorf, Germany

Its always extremely useful to get practical teaching ideas and resources when doing professional development. The plans are succinct and great to refer to when doing your own planning for EAL classes. I also like the idea of the resources which can be shared between EAL and mainstream. Thanks for the input and the pace in which the course was delivered.

EAL Coordinator

British School Muscat, Oman

The inset definitely has people talking about EAL learners and dictogloss is now being used throughout our school. The EAL team have been inspired to develop a targeted intervention programme to help fill gaps in children's English language learning and the Across Cultures resources will help to shape forthcoming EAL inset sessions. An intense and helpful couple of days! Thank you.

Robert Taylor

Headteacher, International Preparatory School, Lisbon

The course exceeded expectations and enthused a staff who already, in most cases, have worked in an EAL context for many years. Awareness was heightened and positive thoughts and ideas for developing and improvement are in abundance. I cannot recommend this course too highly.

Marc Radford

Primary & Secondary EAL Teacher

A super day! Really thought provoking, fun and reflective! It makes my vision of what I need to do a lot more structured.

Lynne Cadenhead

Year 4 teacher, CES British International School, Egypt

It has made me more aware of the difficulties faced by ESL students on a daily basis across the curriculum.

Susan Hills

Key Stage Two Coordinator, CES British International School, Egypt

Lots of ideas that should be encompassed in the whole school plan.

Kiran Toor

Teaching Assistant, The Abbey Junior School

I will try and integrate basic survival language learning into everyday interactions.

Jane Maxfield

Class Teacher, Ferham Primary School

Lots of practical ideas to use in school to support our EAL children.

Tracey Emms

FS teacher, CES, Cairo

I will be more reflective in my use of language.

Ivelina Miteva

EAL Coordinator, Minerva Education, London

I have the confidence that I'm equipped with strategies, knowledge and advice to train others and share my expertise. The course was everything I was expecting it to be - really useful and beneficial.

Kevin Yoon

Head of EAL Department, ISG Jubail School, Saudi Arabia

This course was exactly what I was looking for! The instructor is very professional, approachable, knowledgeable and excellent! Thank you!

Lisa Tudehope

EAL Coordinator, British Embassy School, Turkey

The opportunity to discuss potential EAL concerns and issues was invaluable.

Anne-Lise Cooper

SEN Teacher, Blankenhagen School, Germany

A focused and interesting course covering lots of issues pertinent to my school/role.

Beatrice Hagstrom

Teacher, Staffangymnasiet, Sweden

Lots of valuable facts and information as well as practicing, interactive lessons and materials that are useful to use in the classroom with pupils.

Victoria Cowx

Head of Learning Support, St Christopher's School, Bahrain

The training will help us develop a whole school approach, offering consistency and progression.

Amaya Echaide

EAL Teacher, Catton Grove Primary School

The training will provide the school with an outstanding structure for teaching EAL in the mainstream.

Marcella Meerloo

Healthy Child Curriculum Leader, Crown Lane School, UK

We will have great support for teaching staff and pupils and be able to optimise each pupil's opportunity in school, their well being and learning.

Margie Rayner

Independent EAL Teacher Adviser (Secondary)

Good tools to support integration of language development into mainstream planning.

Marlene Pretorius

Deputy Head and EAL Teacher, River House Montessori School

It will provide a much better structure and bank of resources to improve EAL learning.

Jamie Alexander

Class Teacher, London

The resources are very effective and easy to use and it will definitely help my school. I will apply what I have learnt ASAP.

Sara Lomas

PYP coordinator, International School of Milan

I have learnt new strategies to support EAL learners that I will use to assist teachers with students in their classrooms.

Jane Keatley

EAL Teacher, The British School of Amsterdam

I really enjoyed the course. Full of new ideas that I hope to implement.

Ruth Gibson

Inclusion Coordinator, Highlees Community Primary School

The materials that have been provided will be very supportive.

Rebecca Staples

West Sussex, Advisory Teacher EMAT Team

Great course... Good pace - interspersed with hands on activities.

Claudia van de Laar-Newson

Head of Early Years, The British School of Amsterdam

Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot. It was supported with great resources to implement better English support.

Sonia Rutherford

Headteacher, Ark Oval Primary School, UK

It will help us on our journey to outstanding!

Rushna Avari

Assistant Head, Manley Park Primary School

I will now be able to support and guide/coach staff into using the strategies effectively. The course was good value for money. I think it will help my school by offering a whole school consistency, a clear action plan and support for pupils and staff.

Jill Wilson

ELL Teacher, UNIS, New York

This training is for ALL.

Gemma Fanning

EAL Specialist Teacher, Dwight School London

This excellent, hands-on course answered all my questions and beyond. Not only did it get me reflecting on my concerns within my school, but also what I need to do in my own teaching to maximise the benefits of EAL learning. I have many ideas to take back and share with my colleagues and I can't wait to put it into practice!

Christine L. Jacobsen

English Language Learning Teacher, United Nations International School, New York.

This course exceeded my expectations! It's exactly what I needed.

Sapna Holcombe

West Lodge Primary School, London

A wonderful inset. I feel more confident teaching and supporting our EAL Children. I found the book very useful.

Annette Oliver

Headteacher, Lawdale Junior School

Caroline Scott has written an excellent resource for the ever busy teacher. These lessons, for the new entrant with little or no English, provide a supportive structure to ensure children experience success in their new environment. Caroline Scott's book considers and supports the whole child and the worries and anxieties they will be experiencing as they start a new life in what is likely to be a new country, new home, new friends and new school. Her programme stresses the importance of a welcoming, positive environment as essential to securing progress for these pupils. The programme is based on sound educational research and practical experience of trialling the programme. It is carefully focused on what language the new entrant immediately requires to access their needs in a new school. Learning is reviewed and then developed by a daily programme that identifies key vocabulary and structures with a strong focus on oral practice. Resources are identified and supplied but Caroline understands that the most important resource at this time in a child's life will be the people around them and has a homework progamme that supports the engagement of the child's family. This is a very useful resource that has a place in every school. It is thorough and easy to use for either a trained TA or class-teacher. Most importantly it will set children with EAL on the road to success.

Tower Hamlets Ethnic Minority Achievement Service


We have used Caroline's approach to teaching English as an additional language for some years now and it has been particularly successful with newly arrived pupils at Key Stage 2 who are early stage learners of English.... Schools in Tower Hamlets who have used Caroline's programme have reported good progress for their pupils.

Kate Sheasby

Teacher, Ben Jonson Primary School, London

The lesson delivered in Thai was truly eye opening and really illustrated what it must be like to be a newly arrived pupil.... We are looking forward to developing an even more effective programme, based on the materials from the course, to support our newly arrived pupils in the best ways possible.

Lena Ramzi

Teaching Assistant, Cairo

The programme is a step by step guideline to help teachers bridge the gap of learning for EAL students. It has personally given me the tools to provide the students with the primary, essential information they need to build a solid foundation in English.

OSFTED Inspection report

Tudor Primary

Tudor Primary use the Learning Village to support early, short-term interventions: "Early, short-term interventions for pupils new to learning English draw upon rich resources and strategies which immerse pupils in the language from the time they join the school." OFSTED Inspection report: Tudor Primary School, 6–7 March 2018 (case study to follow)

Kasia Talbot

EAL Coach, Holly Lodge School

I have been using the new Plant and Animal Cells lesson with my Science Intervention groups and it’s great. It’s challenging but since we have already done the basic differences between the cells the lesson consolidates the students’ knowledge and works as an extension. Thank You!

Tammy Marsh

EAL Teacher, Amity International School, Abu Dhabi

I just wanted to say what a great time we are having with the Learning Village! It is such a fabulous resource!

Alistair Harding

EAL Coordinator, Holly Lodge High School

The Learning Village has provided our school with a very practical, individualised learning tool for EAL students, with a clear curriculum, structure and pedagogy. This allows both more and less experienced staff to effectively support students’ language development. There is a wealth of materials and resources available, as well as plenty of support and training to help optimise our use of the tool.

Jonathan Marquez

EAL Teacher, Academia Británica Cuscatleca International School, El Salvador

As a school, we are proud to be part of Learning Village and have seen the improvements the students are making in their EAL learning. We would recommend every school to be part of Learning Village as it is an essential tool that offers valuable resources not only for EAL learners but for all.

Catherine Brennan

Education Consultant, Better Bilingual

I'm loving the Learning Village - it is a fantastic resource and I keep finding new things too! My learners are so motivated by it and like the messaging facility.

Kamil Trzebiatowski

EAL Coordinator, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, Education Blogger

You're revolutionising my classroom and allowing me to make significant changes / improvements to the lives of these children.

Elizabeth Mickiewicz

EAL Teacher Advisor, Wolverhampton Local Authority

I understand the Village a lot more and how to link it to the curriculum.

Sudha Dogra

EAL Coordinator, Colton Hills Community School

This course will fill a gap in the provision we are able to provide to EAL learners at an early stage of English acquisition.

Stacy Allen

Lead of Nurture, Colton Hills Community School

Fantastic resources to support children within the classroom and teacher planning.

Sam Thorne

Hylands Primary School

The Learning Village is great. The children absolutely love it and I have to say I’ve been enjoying and learning as I go along. We had a Teaching and Learning Review at our school the other day and I used the Learning Village to demonstrate how we support our EAL pupils. [The consultants] seemed very impressed and actually spoke to the Local Authority Advisor about how well the Learning Village was being used at our school.

Roxbourne Primary

Our pupils have really benefited from their work on the Learning Village! Well done children, keep up the great work!

Michelle Wain

EMA Adviser, London Borough of Havering

The Learning Village materials are of an excellent quality with clear language progression. The programme works very well as a teaching tool.

Vicki Wilson

Year 2 EAL teacher and EAL Team Leader, YCIS HK Primary

I really liked the sentence activities, it really stretched my students and I saw a marked improvement. Overall I love the concept of the Learning Village- making friends highly motivated my  students and they loved exploring the village. The graphics are wonderful.

Shirley Rowe

Head of Department, ESOL, New Plymouth Boys High, New Zealand

A student arriving from overseas being 18 years old and having limited oral skills and no reading or writing. He really felt pleased being able to use the Learning Village for self-study,  without feeling conscious in front of the others in the class.

Sam Mobbs, Class Teacher

Oasis Watermead Academy, UK

The Learning Village has proved to be a good intervention programme for our EAL children and SEN. The children are very enthusiastic about using it, and are becoming more independent. We use it as an intervention throughout assembly in the morning and in some afternoons, when some of the learning is irrelevant to them and they would benefit from that more. It is clear that the children are making progress...

Laura Haines

EAL Coordinator, International School of Milan, Italy

I see the children relaxed and happy when they are on the Learning Village. I can see that they are proud of their progress and feel a sense of achievement which they can share with others. I think that there are a lot of good EAL ‘games’ available but this is a comprehensive programme that can be integrated into any curriculum.

Ellen Copsey

Assistant Head Teacher, Willow Bank Primary, UK

A really fantastic resource. We can't wait to start using it with our pupils.

Keith Shurlock

Principal, Grace International School, Bangladesh

It is a delight to see a resource that has grown out of good practice in schools.

Hanneke Blijham

EAL Teacher, Groningse Schoolvereniging, Netherlands

Thank you so much for this inspiring workshop. I was enthusiastic about it when first trying it but even more so after today!

Eve Glawinska

EAL Leader, St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy

Lots of useful information and advice, followed by tools/resources that can be easily used.

Lauren Davis

EAL Coordinator, Trinity C of E Primary

Really useful to have a chance to use the software step by step.

Siobhan Brooks

Inclusion Manager, Foxdell Junior School

Fantastic, very informative course!

Cristian Tamasan

Teaching Assistant, Buxton School

Great presentation and great programme.

Holly Eeles

Millpond Primary School

The system is easy to understand and the resources are amazing.

Sonya Brady

Uplands Manor

A very helpful introduction to the Learning Village.

Kerri Lillico-Davies

STEPS New Arrival Centre

Thank you for the interesting and informative day.

Merjam Shoushka

Ormiston Forge Academy

A very clear explanation of how to find our way with the Learning Village, the resources, lesson topics, ideas and activities... It was overall amazing!

Salinder Sahota

Royal Wolverhampton School

Excellent, well planned course.

Alina Bistricianu

Colton Hills

Everything was very, very interesting. Thank you so much.

Amy Jordan

Holly Lodge High School

Brilliant day - very informative, great learning tool.

Sukhjinder Sanghera

Seva School

Step by step guide to resources, assessment, implementation and planning.

Kerren Thethy

Seva School

Really helpful with lots of information, the handbook is great to take away.

Beth Dawes

Northwood Park Academy

It was great to have time to look through the site to experience what the child will experience.

Jay Chohan

Tudor Primary

The Learning Village gives more opportunities for the average EAL learner who can't fully access English.

Donata Hall

Roxbourne Primary

Excellent course! I am looking forward to using it more and sharing with other teachers, and adding more children.

Anu Illankovan

Roxbourne Primary

Very interesting and fun way of learning

Gillian Hutchinson

Bournemouth Park Primary School

Using the Learning Village I will be able to observe and work with children more closely, and be able to really observe and gain an insight into their understanding.

Breda Matthews

The weekly reports are great - keep them coming

Ruth Nind

Timbertree Academy

A great resource, that was fully explained

The post-questionnaire was completed by all parents and 100% of parents now feel confident speaking in basic English when needed to communicate with school staff, and have a better understanding of how to support their children at home.

The biggest impact we have noticed is the parents’ confidence levels increasing and a willingness to engage with school staff.

Each month the parents were invited to attend the school’s soft start Learning Village workshop for their child/children. We wanted parents to be able to observe the EAL support teacher teaching the programme to their children and to share ideas and strategies so the parents could continue to support their children at home using these techniques.

Mandy Hayer

Assistant Head, Tudor Primary School

The biggest impact we notice was the parent’s confidence levels increasing and a willingness to engage with the school staff